Best Charting Websites – 6 Trader-Friendly Stock Chart Websites

Making money in the market is a difficult task, particularly on a daily basis. Long-term investments ensure that short-term fluctuations do not have an impact on returns. The biggest challenge, however, is correctly tapping short-term fluctuations.

Accurately timing the entry and exit is not for everyone. In this case, technical charts on best charting websites can be viewed as your only friend, assisting you in obtaining nearly the best entry and exit points.

  1. NSE and BSE India
    The mother of all charting websites is the national stock exchange (NSE India) and the Bombay stock exchange (BSE India). It is the most popular and the oldest financial website. The NSE’s benchmark index is the Nifty, while the BSE’s benchmark index is the Sensex. The website offers real-time stock data. The NSE and BSE have 1696 and 5749 listed companies, respectively.

When it comes to charting websites, BSE has an advantage over NSE. The NSE only offers a line chart with no other indicators, making it difficult to read. On the other hand, the BSE has a good charting platform that is both easy to read and customizable. On their home page, they also have a small chart that shows a quick representation of the Indian market.

2. Google Finance is number two.

This is yet another popular financial website, with over 40 million daily visitors. Google Finance provides news content as well as real-time stock data.  Along with Yahoo Finance, this site is among the top 15 most popular financial websites in the world. Google Sheets can be used to automate stock data directly from Google Finance in real time.

3. Tradingview Charts

This is one of the best charting websites, and it is very popular among traders. created and maintains the website. Despite the fact that it is not an Indian website, trading view has a separate section for the Indian market.

On its home page, you can also find the current state of the global market. It really helps you understand the market’s real-time situation, which allows you to make wise trading decisions.

The website has a plethora of charting features that are extremely useful. Apply indicators, tools, and drawing elements as needed to better understand the market or the scenario of the situation.


This website may not be as advanced as in terms of chart representation, but it has its own distinct features. Because investing websites are news-based, they have an advantage over other websites in terms of informing viewers about what is going on in the market.

5. Chartink

Chartink is a memorable name when it comes to charting platforms. Chartink is not the best charting website available, but it is well-known for its easily programmable scanner/screener.

This website not only assists us with scanning, but it also has an excellent charting platform. 

However, the chart is 5 minutes behind.


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