Marketing Strategies to drive sales to your Ecommerce site –

SEO It is a low-cost service. SEO or search engine optimization is a technique to increase ranking of your website in any search engine. It includes the task like off page optimization & on page optimization. On page, optimization includes several tasks like h1 tag, robot.txt, Meta tag, site speed optimization & website performance.

SMM– SMM or social media marketing is the most popular technique to promote brands or products through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest. As many people are using these sites, it is very easy to tell them about your products or brand.

SEM – SEM or search engine marketing is a paid service to promote your brand or website through a search engine. Many people are using a search engine in need of gathering information. Displaying ads on a search engine can be seen through many people who use this kind of service.

E-mail marketing – It is another technique to promote brand or products through email. You can inform your existing customers about the launching of new products or brand. With this, they will know what is trendy in the market or they will go through your website which drives more traffic to your online store.

Hope these above strategies will help you to setup an online business with ease & achieve to the greater heights.